Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Keep that Burglar Out

"Burglar alarms do their job... but are they really that good?"

If your burglar alarm sounds will your neighbour call the police and not ignore it as another annoying false alarm?

"Preventing a burglary is better than detecting it"

When a burglar breaks in they damage the windows and doors at the point of entry in addition to the ones they fail to open. They then cause further damage to locked doors, cupboards and drawers as well as stealing your property.

"Roller Shutters!"

Burglar alarms and dummy alarm boxes fitted to houses may deter some thieves but not all. Roller shutters protect the points of entry including the weak points like locks, hinges and even the external beading around the glass panes and blind panels!

In the 130 years since roller shutters were invented, their design has changed often. One thing, however, has remained the same - the roller shutter serves so many useful functions for windows and doors, that it's difficult to imagine life without them once you've had them fitted to your home.
Hausansicht mit Rollläden
"Domestic roller shutters are not as well-known in the UK as they are in central Europe where they are very popular"

Roller shutters serve 8 very useful purposes:

  1. they protect you, your house contents from prying eyes (privacy)
  2. insulate to reduce energy losses in winter (insulation)
  3. they keep the summer heat out (heat protection)
  4. they provide a shield against loud, everyday noise (noise protection)
  5. they protect your windows and frames from flying debris in storms and keep out the wind on badly fitting windows (storm protection)
  6. they make work very difficult for burglars by covering the window beading and door hinges and locks (security)
  7. they turn your room into near total darkness which is ideal in midsummer when small children are trying to sleep or when the home cinema enthusiast with a projector wants to watch the latest DVD in style (light protection)
  8. they can also have an integrated insect screen in the form of a roller blind to keep flying pests out when your window is open (insect protection)
It is important that a roller shutter performs all these functions and also harmonises with the building. Our range of roller shutters do just that and come in many different colours not just white or brown. We even supply the boxes and guides in ANY one of over 210 different RAL colours to match your taste!

competent consulting for automatic roller shuttersWe at with time served apprentices (trained in Germany), provide individual consultation and are able to recommend the most suitable product, ensure proper working order and professional installation. Furthermore, we only install roller shutters which meet today's demands, complete with motor and automatic control unit (or manual operation via pulley and belt if preferred). The roller shutter moves up and down easily at the push of a button and if you're not home until late, ensures burglary protection all on its own - the roller shutters can close as soon as it's dark, making break-ins difficult.

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Remember... the majority of break-ins are through the patio doors at the rear of your property.

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